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“Poly-Rib” has become a household name in the field of on-site sanitation, and since we launched the product in 1982, the demand has increased almost daily – across a wide spectrum of private and commercial consumers requiring the ultimate in a maintenance-free, on-site sewage disposal system.
The Poly-Rib septic tank specifications are as follows:

Diameter (cylindrical):
Excavation Size:
Chambers :
Total Capacity:
Fluid Working Capacity:
Wall Thickness:
Inlet and Outlet Diameter:
Manhole Diameter:
Manhole Lid Design:
Manhole Access Extension:
No Metallic Components
Indefinite Life:
1,4 metres (base to manhole lid)
1,2 metres
1,5 metres
Cylindrical ribbed with domed ends and a centre internal stabiliser bar to reinforce the domed ends against possible abnormal pressures.
2m long x 1,8m wide x 1,2 m deep
40 Kg – easily transportable
Primary and secondary 66% x 33%
1.200 litres
1.000 litres
110mm, both fitted with inspection eyes
Provision for filling with concrete ballast
Continuous Digestion
  • Capita Support Capacity 1 – unlimited persons (variable)
  • * The requirement of a septic tank is that it shall be so designed to retain the volumetric flow for a minimum period of 24 hours, thus should each person dispose of 150 litres per day, the tank would safely support a family of 6 people or, should the disposal be 100 litres per person per day, the tank would support 10 persons, and so forth.

The double-chamber ribbed septic tank, manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethylene, is revolutionary and will withstand outer pressures in excess of any other form of similar product.
The excavation for the tank does not need to be refined, and the same applies to the back-fill after placing the tank into the excavation. We recommend that the tank be filled with water during back-filling of the excavation. The excavation dimensions are length 2,0m, width 1,8m and depth (variable) minimum 1,2m.
The ribbed walls eliminate the necessity for a heavily constructed concrete slab being placed over the top of the tank.
The 450mm diameter manhole allows easy access to workers if the system is poisoned and needs to be cleaned.
The “Poly-Rib” should not be confused with anaerobic digesters or aqua privies. Our product conforms with every norm of the traditional (costly constructed) masonry septic tank and incorporates the following features:

  • A baffle with centre transfer hole to secondary chamber
  • Scum and sludge barrier
  • Two precisely situated and easily accessible inspection eyes
  • Dip pipes submerged beneath the fluid level
  • Gasses release duct
  • A manhole lid with integral double handles and provision for filling with up to 15 kilograms of concrete ballast

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